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We protect your legacy and the people who matter most
to you. 

We support you through the difficult conversations that families often avoid having.  Too often, families avoid planning for end of life in the hope that it will never come.  We can assist you in identifying what matters most to you and your family, and help you create a plan for your family that meets your needs and values.  Every decision you make in advance will save unanswered questions and burden for your family at their most difficult hour.  Come to us and give your family the gift of a completed estate plan.   

Elderly Couple

Our Approach

Our lawyers meet with you to assess your family’s needs and values and determine which estate planning documents meet those needs.  We make our recommendations based on your family’s individual needs:  not a one-size fits all approach.  WMS Lawyers work with you to create your documents and ensure the plan is completed. 

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Areas of Expertise


A Last Will and Testament identifies your family, identifies who you want to oversee the handling of your estate after you pass, and describes how you want your assets to be divided.  Your division of assets may be complex, or you may leave everything to one person.  Your will is used for probate.  Click here for more information about the probate process. ((This link would be to the Estate Administration page))



Trusts can be used to manage your assets, before and after your passing.  Some examples of trust purposes include:  maintaining assets for children into adulthood, protecting assets from Medicaid when planning for end-of-life care, providing for a spouse while protecting your legacy for your children, and caring for a disabled adult child.  A trust is not the right choice for every family; for some families, placing assets into trust may be more complicated and burdensome than administering a will after death. 


Powers of Attorney: 

A Power of Attorney allows your assets to be managed in the event of your incapacity while you are still alive.  This document can give your chosen person—friend, family, or other person—the ability to manage your financial accounts, pay bills, obtain information on your behalf, and take other necessary actions when you cannot.   


Advanced Directive: 

An advance directive gives medical decision-making authority in the event of your incapacity while you are still alive.  You can select whether you want your decision-maker to have access to your medical information now, or only when you are incapacitated.  An advance directive also gives guidance to your decision-maker about your goals and values in end-of-life care and can be used to express preferences about organ donation and the disposition of your remains.   

Speak With An Estate Planning Attorney

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Need help choosing the best lawyer for your case?


Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value 

We have worked with Alycia Stack since October of 2014. Due to her friendly and caring demeanor and thorough and professionalism, we trusted her to support us with our guardianship custody challenges last year. She knocked the ball out of the park on the custody case and secured beneficial terms and conditions for our family. We selected WMS support for the follow-on adoption case and look forward to its completion.
In parallel to the custody cases, we trusted Alycia and WMS for our estate planning and POA needs. With the COVID emergencies and changing life issue, Alycia worked with us to document our wishes for our families needs. Thanks Alycia.


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