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Estate Administration, Probate, & Guardianship

You may have a child who has inherited money.  Perhaps you have a young adult with a disability who relies on your continued care.  Your parents or elders may be struggling with mental infirmities.  Or you may be grieving the recent loss of loved one.  Let the attorneys at Williams, McClernan, & Stack take some of the legal burdens off your shoulders during these often challenging times.  Call us today to discuss how we can help. 

Father with his Son

Our Approach

Our attorneys are here to walk you through the administrative processes when you need to be focused on your loved ones during the difficult times in life. We offer a tailored approach, giving you a personalized level of support based on your legal needs and familial responsibilities. 

Three Generations

Areas of Expertise


Administrative probate:  uncontested wills handled by the county register of wills.


Judicial probate: contested wills handled by the Orphan’s Courts.



When a Personal Representative/Executor opens and Estate if the decedent died owning property of any kind in his/her name alone, or as a tenant in common.



Guardianship is a legal process where the court appoints a person to manage a minor’s personal affairs, financial affairs, or both. 



When an adult is unable to make personal decisions, such as medical decisions, or to handle his or her own property, a court can appoint a guardian of the person, property, or both.

Speak With A Probate And Guardianship   Law Attorney

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Need help choosing the best lawyer for your case?


Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value 

We have worked with Alycia Stack since October of 2014. Due to her friendly and caring demeanor and thorough and professionalism, we trusted her to support us with our guardianship custody challenges last year. She knocked the ball out of the park on the custody case and secured beneficial terms and conditions for our family. We selected WMS support for the follow-on adoption case and look forward to its completion.
In parallel to the custody cases, we trusted Alycia and WMS for our estate planning and POA needs. With the COVID emergencies and changing life issue, Alycia worked with us to document our wishes for our families needs. Thanks Alycia.


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